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Excerpt from The Nation, Barbados' leading newspaper.
February 27, 1998
by Orin Boyce

Bouncin' at the Bourbon

The lights were just right: not too soft, not too bright, just the right temperature for good dining, good conversation, and, of course, good music and dancing too.

Tuesday night a bit of New Orleans Mardi Gras came to Bourbon Street Bar, at Payne's Bay, St. James, for a las' lap jam just before Ash Wednesday.

The waves of conversation parted to let the Ebe Gilkes Trio get the show on the road just after 9 o'clock, and after a few, brief introductory numbers, the sea rolled back to blend with sound of the band, but not too obtrusively for those ardent jazz fans present.

There was Ebe on the piano, Vere Gibson on drums and Earl Dawson on bass to warm things up, before CiCi added her luscious voice to the mellow chords. 

Elle Fitzgerald's spirit moved through the crowd that night, reincarnated by a soothing blend of standards like Teach Me Tonight, Blue Skies, Just In Time, and perennial, Our Love Is Here To Stay, which CiCi rendered with harmonious growls and husky phrasings.
Boyce, Orin, (1998).  Bouncin' at the Bourbon.  The Nation, February 27, 1998.

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