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From the Calgary Herald.
September 5, 2006
by Theresa Tayler

Caribbean queen finds new groove

For most of her life, CiCi Shaw worked her soulful voice and demeanour through jazz clubs in her home country of Barbados, building up a reputation as one of the finest jazz artists in the Caribbean.

Then, last year, she reunited with an old flame from Canada. She fell in love once again, and now Barbados' first lady of jazz and her fiancé Darren Duke split their time between the island nation and Calgary.

Such tales of fateful love can be heartwarming stuff, but those who may be most happy are Calgary jazz fans. That's because CiCi, as she refers to herself on stage, will be an integral part of the 2006 annual C-Jazz Carnivále.

"I'm so happy to be a guest in this country. I've met some fabulous musicians here," says CiCi, who has performed with notable jazz musicians including Ernie Small, Vere Gibson and Andre Woodvine. "When I entertain, I gotta mingle. I gotta go throughout the crowd and interact with the audience."

CiCi will be performing with her new Canadian band which includes Calgary-based musicians John Gray on bass, Bruce Petherick on keys, guitar virtuoso Keith Smith and Robin Tufts on drums.

"I'm so excited about performing with the new band. They're fantastic. It's just like playing with my band back home. I never have to look back at them and wonder what they're doing. They're fabulous musicians," says CiCi.

CiCi says Barbados is a country full of weekly jam sessions and jazz clubs that are open all hours of the night.

"The jazz scene is very vibrant over there, but Barbados is a small island, Calgary is very big so you have to look harder for the shows," she says.

As well as playing a guest performance Friday night at Calgary's Beat Niq jazz club, CiCi will perform at what may be the signature event of this year's jazz festival, a series of outdoor performances at Olympic Plaza. Hers takes place Saturday at noon.
Tayler, Theresa, (2006).  Caribbean Queen Finds New Groove.  Calgary Herald, September 5, 2006.

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