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From The Nation, Barbados' leading newspaper.
January 25, 2008
by John Sealy

CiCi Taking Jazz to New Heights

For jazz lovers it’s a YES – YES – YES to CiCi.

A well known local jazz singer, CiCi brings tremendous talent to the stage having performed with the finest at a number of venues here before moving to Calgary in 2006.

She is currently in her homeland to visit family and friends and attend the Barbados Music Awards (BMA) on Sunday.

“I feel it’s important that I make time to be here to attend the BMA (Sunday) because I have previously won an award, but due to other business commitments I was never able to attend the previous ceremonies,” she said.

Being here since December, CiCi has done a number of private gigs on the West coast and has appeared as a vocalist at the Hilton, the Limelight Café, and the Waterfront Café.

With eyes on consolidating her success, CiCi has assembled a strong support team for her international career: manager, accountant, lawyer, publicist, graphic artist, web designer, sound engineers, arrangers and supporting musicians.

“Under my company, CiCi Jazz Productions Inc, we have built a project studio at home. My husband, Darren Duke, is a brilliant producer, and has been producing, tracking (recording), and mixing songs for other bands – everything from rock, pop, swing, blues, and jazz,” CiCi said.

Some recent plusses include three performances at the Calgary C-Jazz Festival in 2006, she has been featured on the radio in Winnipeg, did an interview with music guru and radio personality Howard Mandshein who declared: “When CiCi sings, the angels stop and listen.”

“Unfortunately I had to turn down an offer to perform at the Beaches Jazz Festival in Toronto last summer,” she said.

CiCi has just finished mixing a live album called Live At The Beat Niq and has been encouraged to release it by other musicians and studios who have heard it.

Fans can keep in touch with CiCi online at


Sealy, John, (2008).  CiCi Taking Jazz to New Heights.  The Nation, January 25, 2008.

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