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John Gray is one of Canada's most talented bassists. In addition to his successful 22-year association with Dr. Clarence "Big" Miller as a Bassist/Arranger/Composer for the 16-piece big band, he's toured across Canada with numerous musical theatre productions and has recorded with high-profile artists such as K.D. Lang, Catherin McLellan, Gib Monks, Johnny Summers, Celine Lacoste and Nate Strong.

John Gray at the Beat Niq, September 2006.

Bruce Petherick is a pianist, composer and musicologist who studied music in Australia. He has played with the Woody Herman and Count Basie Big Bands and accompanied Dame Kiri TeKenawa. The gifted musician was also the Musical Director for many professional shows in Melbourne, including 5 Guys Named Moe and Jekyl and Hyde, and has conducted opera and choirs in his worldwide travels.

Bruce Petherick at the Beat Niq, September 2006.

Robin Tufts is at home in any genre and is a highly sought after freelance drummer and percussionist in Alberta's music scene. He can also be heard as a member of Seanachie, Calgary's premier Celtic group.

Robin Tufts at the Beat Niq, September 2006.

Keith Smith is a wonderful guitar player who has been gigging for more than 40 years. Not only adept in the jazz world, Keith is also a closet folkie who has done stints as a country fiddler and banjo player.

Keith Smith at the Beat Niq, September 2006.





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